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The general admissions criteria for men to enter Joseph’s Home are as follows:

• Individual must be homeless, male and over 18 years of age

• Individual must be able to care for himself and be continent

• Individual must have a medical problem that is acute/semi-acute and can be stabilized in three to six months

• Individual must be capable of working with programs that lead to stable, permanent housing and living within the community

• Individual must be ambulatory with or without assistive devices

• Individual must be able to get along in a group living situation

• Individual must be willing to accept all rules of Joseph’s Home

Within the first 24 hours of arriving at Joseph’s Home, the newly admitted individual participates with the staff nurse in the development of a medical care plan for his stay. In an effort to build self-esteem and efficacy, residents take an active and important role in the management of their own health care while at Joseph’s Home.

Residents at Joseph’s Home are not only exposed to needed medical care and services, but because an emphasis is placed on their totality of being, staff also work with the men to set and accomplish personal, educational and financial goals, all designed to lead the men to “self-sustainability.” Residents are asked to participate in recovery programs as needed as well as educational activities designed to develop life skills and foster self-esteem. Programs such as the Joseph’s Home book club, art program, lifeskills classes and wellness program are designed to provide participants with a constructive outlet for self-expression.

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